What is Business Intelligence ?

IT all begins with data…

Business Intelligence is the part of IT dedicated to decision-makers and company managers. Indeed, the latter have the heavy task of making strategic decisions on which the survival of the company depends. Such decisions should not be taken lightly. As a decision-maker, it is very important not to rely solely on one’s own feelings, which can be misleading. All indicators may appear to be green when in reality this is not the case. To help decision-makers to better understand their company’s activity, Business Intelligence is used. It is a set of tools and methods that allow to collect, consolidate, and restitute the material or immaterial data of a company in order to offer a decision support and to allow the decision maker to have a global view of the treated activity. Oracle defines it as a technological process for analyzing data and presenting information to help executives, managers, and other end-users in the enterprise make informed decisions. 

Why have a decision support system ?

For a better management

Business intelligence systems facilitate the management of the company. Their use is, today, a vector, not negligible, of the digitization process. So it’s not because you’ve just started, or you don’t have enough data, or you don’t have a solid information system, that you don’t need BI. In fact, in all the companies we have worked with, the use of BI has enabled them to strengthen the existing IS. So Xeeli brings you fully into the HiTech world where we are. Moreover, we offer tailor-made solutions at unbeatable prices !

To increase the company’s revenues

BI allows companies to better control their targets. This results in the proposal of products / services that will be much more suitable.

To increase the competitive advantage

Today, the competition is increasingly fierce. BI gives your business a head start over your competition. In addition to data from the company’s information system, you can also compare yourself to your customers.


Business intelligence systems help optimize the use of resources for greater productivity.

Our BI methodology

XEELI adopts a very mature methodology in its decision-making projects

In order to carry out our projects, XeeLi relies on a very well-oiled methodology for setting up a decision support platform. This methodology is described by the figure below:

In all our projects we always start with a scoping study. The aim of the framework is to better immerse ourselves in the business, to understand and list the performance indicators and to identify the data sources allowing to feed these indicators. After framing, we begin the construction / evolution of the datawarehouse (data warehouse). The data warehouse is actually the support for the decision-making process. This is the location where data from the various operational sources of the company is stored. Once the model is established, data integration flows are then defined in order to automate the supply of the data warehouse. Lastly, there is the development of reports and dashboards. The latter will rely on the datawrehouse to provide decision-makers with quality information on the company’s situation.

This methodology is the result of several years of experience of our engineers. It has been proven and brought us a lot of satisfaction. So trust our expertise and let’s build your decision-making platform together!

The BI tools we work with

The tools we work with are as follows:

Building a decision support tool is not easy. As large amounts of data are manipulated, it is necessary to use robust tools capable of supporting the load. XeeLi uses the best tools on the market in these projects.


  • Oracle Data Integrator
  • Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
  • Sql Serveer Integration Services
  • Pentaho Data Integration


  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (Oracle Analytics)
  • Tableau Software
  • Power BI
  • SAP BO
  • Qlik

For the database hosting the data warehouse, our engineers use the following databases:

  • Oracle Database
  • Sql Server 
  • Postgresql

At the forefront of technological innovation, we also offer decision-making solutions based on big data tools such as Hadoop (HDFS), Hive, Spark, etc.

Xeeli, BI within everyone’s reach